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The essence of our mandate is aptly expressed in the following genuine article.


[The Welland Tribune and Telegraph, 11 July 1922 ]

In the year 1922, an annual meeting of the prominent Historical Association was being held in Welland. A short editorial in The Welland Tribune and Telegraph stated as follows:

But the interest of the society in holding a meeting here, however great that may be, is not so great as the interest of our community in having the society meet here. Fortunate we will be if out of the meeting there should grow a local historical society that will bring men and women together with enthusiasm to learn their local history, to help treasure it, to help spread a love for it. Linked with such an organization should be a permanent home, a museum if you like, where there could be collected the interesting relics of our past. The material today is dissipated all about us. A few years should see it housed as a unit, an exhibit of great interest to our own people and to every visitor that enters the city gates. Such a museum should have been begun long years ago. Delay in this has meant irreparable loss. Each year’s delay adds to the loss. Let us end it as soon as possible.

Old newspapers and documents, political manifestos, books of record, curios, military relics, ancient furniture and implements, pictures, and the various whatnots of the past-these are items out of which our museum could be built.

As for history! The field is rich. Here are some divisions that sketch events from the beginning:-

  1. Indian life
  2. The visit of the white men
  3. Old war history
  4. The late war history
  5. The Fenian Raid
  6. The Welland Canal
  7. The production of natural gas
  8. Our schools, churches, agricultural societies and libraries
  9. Railways and telegraphs
  10. Farming and fruit growing
  11. Industries (the first iron plow made in Canada was made at Chippawa)
  12. Public men
  13. Crime and famous cases
  14. A history of our place and street names
  15. The story of old families

There is work enough in that sketch for a score of investigators. There are incentives enough in it for an active society.

Shall we form one?

  1. On 18 February 2013, James Takeo Said,


    This is an awesome website, with a great collection of stories, clippings, photos, and information about the history of Welland and the surrounding area.

    I have recently been elected President of the Welland Historical Society. Our purpose, is to enjoy, appreciate, and help preserve local history. Currently, we are in a process of revitalizing our society, and trying to attract new and active members. We hold regular monthly meetings, and have guest speakers or presentations about the history in our community.

    I would like to formally invite you to attend our meetings. As well, I would like to ask if in the future, if the organizers of this website might be interested in being a guest speaker or give a presentation? It seems the wealth of archives and stories collected by you is both fascinating and informative. We enjoy local history as much as you do, and wish to provide a venue to present some of these stories that you have collected.

    Please, do not hesitate to email me with a response. I’d like to learn more about your website and yourselves, as well as extend a hand in friendship and mutual appreciation of our mutual passion for history in our community. I hope to hear from you soon.


    James Takeo
    Welland Historical Society

  2. On 18 February 2013, B Said,

    Thank you James for such a wonderful review of our work. We are passionate about what we are trying to accomplish and this website is far from complete. It is being done with love and our goal is to dig out as much history about the area as we can. We will be in contact soon. B

  3. On 26 April 2013, Rick Stanley Said,

    I am trying to find information re early Welland dairies &, other than the public library & Welland Historical Museum, was wondering if you had any photos or articles…thank you for your time and consideration…

  4. On 4 May 2013, WellandHistory.ca Said,

    Hello Rick

    At the moment we do not have any information or photos on the Welland dairies. We hope to be able to post some articles on the subject at a future date. Thank you for visiting our site.

  5. On 10 June 2013, Kevin Wood Said,

    I’m pleased to have found your site. I know little about Welland and area in spite of the fact that both my Grandparents lived there early in the 20th century. My Great Grandmother Rose Ann Atherton, ran a business at or near 280 E. Main St for many years. My Grandfather, John, and two brothers, Joseph and Aloysius, enlisted in the CEF late in 1915. I have a few pictures including one group photo which I must assume included many of Welland’s young men just prior to going overseas.
    Let me know if you would be interested in seeing it.

    Best Wishes,

  6. On 9 July 2013, B Said,

    Hello Kevin

    I am pleased that the website is providing information for people searching their family roots. I wrote to you previously about your offer to show us pictures of the young men, but the note must have gone astray. I would love to see the pictures and perhaps post them on the site with your permission. Thank you.B

  7. On 1 September 2013, Bailey Wilson Said,

    THANK YOU so much for this website. I’ve been using it to research my family’s history. I absolutely love the newspaper clippings you have on here. I’ve found marriage, birth, and death announcements about my ancestors that I wouldn’t have been able to find on my own, so thank you! I wish every city had a web site packed full of such great and interesting information like this one. Keep up the great work!

  8. On 5 September 2013, B Said,

    Thank you for writing Bailey. Your encouragement keeps us going.

  9. On 21 October 2014, sandy Said,

    Hello, hope someone can help me. I have a document from the county of Welland in 1866 from the surrogate court of Welland county of a William Joseph, it is his last will and testament. Hope someone can tell me more about it.
    Thank you

  10. On 22 October 2014, sandy Said,

    Hello, I’m looking for anyone who knows the family of a William Joseph from the County of Welland from 1866. please leave any contact info. Thank you

  11. On 30 December 2014, Thomas Anderson Said,

    Hello, I’m looking for any information on David and Rhoda Bearss. They both died in Welland ON between 1852 and 1853. Had at least one child – Ephraim who died in 1805.

  12. On 6 January 2015, B Said,

    Thank you for writing Thomas. I will keep the names on file in hopes someone will be able to contribute the information you are seeking. B

  13. On 11 February 2015, Michael Csele Said,

    Truly and interesting web site! You picture of the Sunny Side Dairy wagon delivering milk brings back great memories. I lived on Grove Street back in the 60′s and remember running out to get a pint of chocolate milk when they came by.

    Question …. where can I find pictures of East Main Street from the late 60′s or early 70′s? I have search the web and come up with only older or newer ones.

    My father owned a small shoe store ( Erinie’s Shoes ) from about 1963 till about 1975. I am trying to find a picture of the store. It was right beside Gorbits Furs ( probably have the spelling wrong … a small dinner went in after the fur store closed ), just down from Kresge’s Department store. I all but grew up in the back of the store and have wonderful memories of Welland …. swimming in the Cross Street pools, hot hamburgs at the Majestic … it was a great place to grow up!

    Thanks so much …..

    Jericho, VT

  14. On 12 February 2015, B Said,

    Morning Mike

    I remember your father as our family always purchased our shoes from him. Ernie aways had a welcoming smile and cheery hello whenever we passed on the street in later years. I have never forgotten him.

    I do not have a picture of the store but will keep an eye out for one. I will also check on photos of East Main in the 60s and 70s. No promises but I will try.

    Thank you for your kind words about the website. B

  15. On 5 August 2015, Amy Said,

    Great website! I could lose hours on it. Where could I find pictures of the Bald Family farm??
    Thank you!

  16. On 16 October 2015, Mike Said,

    This was a great to find for myself and my family. Currently we are in the process of reconstructing our family tree. Would any of the editors from the “James Richard Wilson” article be able to contact me with any information that didn’t make the article?
    @ James Takeo
    Thanks again.

  17. On 17 October 2015, Dave Draper Said,

    This is THE best site on Welland history. What a fabulous way to present it, thank you so much for doing so, and please keep up the good work!

  18. On 18 October 2015, B Said,

    Thank you Dave for the kind words.We are trying very hard to bring the Welland County and surrounding area history to light. So important for the children of the future.

  19. On 5 November 2015, Richard Said,

    Mike..Re: Ernie’s Shoes: Wondering if you would have any luck finding a photo in the City of Welland 150th Anniversary book?

  20. On 7 November 2015, B Said,

    There is a picture of Harry Holcomb’s shoe store in the Anniversary book on page 99.B

  21. On 16 July 2017, Goodman Brown Said,

    Hello to S&B: In response to Richard’s Post of Nov/2015, I have copies of the City of Welland 150th Anniversary Book. I also have pictures of Welland Industry that I would like to submit for your gallery.. Some of them are from the Golden Age of 1900 – 1945. Is there an e:mail address that can be used to submit photos and documents? What format is preferred?
    Thank you most kindly: Goodman Brown.

  22. On 3 August 2017, edward yatscoff Said,

    I lived in Welland from 1954 to 1975. I am the first and only author to write novels of suspense and crime set in Welland in the late 60s, early 70s. THE FAR BANK, ARCHIE’S GOLD, RANSOM, and OUT ON A LIMB are middle grade, but I write about kids, not for them, therefore adults really enjoy them. Welland people who have read them say they bring back memories. Some give them to their kids to show them what Welland was like. All in all, they are enjoyable reads and available thru Amazon books and Smashwords for different eBook formats. Just look me up E.R. Yatscoff egyatscoff@shaw.ca https://www.amazon.ca/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_2_8/132-9601376-1365030?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=yatscoff&sprefix=yatscoff%2Caps%2C227&crid=XE1VYJ02EVG0

  23. On 4 August 2017, Goodman Brown Said,

    Don’t forget the biggest crime story in Welland history.

    Welland Payroll Thugs Get $ 80,000

    Police Next Door As Thieves Work

    Break Post Office Window To Get at Boxes Holding Cash

    WELLAND, (CP) – Daring thieves striking next door to the police station at dawn today stole a steel company’s payroll funds from a locked cabinet at the Welland post office.
    The loss was between $ 75,000 and $ 80,000.

    Police Chief Orval Rounds, directing the investigation, said it was the biggest robbery in Welland’s history. The money was the weekly pay for the 1,250 employees of the Atlas Steel Company, due to be paid Friday. The chief said $ 3,000 of the money was in United States currency. The payroll cash, in denominations of $1, $2, $5, $ 10 and $ 20 ordinarily reaches Welland every Tuesday evening, is kept if the post office overnight and is transferred to the bank the next morning.

    The scene of the robbery is the modern granite-faced post office and customs building opened four years ago on a downtown business street. Two years ago thieves carted away the post office safe containing several thousand dollars. Since then the steel cabinets, rather than the safe, have been used for overnight storage of large amounts of money.

    Constable George Dooly discovered the robbery. He made his rounds two hours after the last post office employee left the building. He saw a nail key below a window, found the window broken and discovered the inside catch forced. A narrow laneway separates the post office building from the police station. The window was forced on the side of the building farthest from the police office. Police said the thieves took the nail keg from a nearby hardware firm. Investigators said no precautions had been taken to guard the payroll cash.

    Police said the robbery was evidently the work of a ‘well-organized gang of shopbreakers.’ No attempt was made to open the safe, police said. This indicated to them that the thieves knew the money, stacked in neat bundles, was going to be locked in the steel cabinets instead of being placed in the safe, They expressed belief the gang hid near the post office and waited until the constable had made his routine check. F.J. Shifton, treasurer of Atlas Steel, said the money was on the way to the Toronto Dominion Bank branch here. The company has some 1,250 employees. Another payroll will be sent from Toronto today.
    May 4, 1955.

  24. On 4 November 2017, Kaitlin Bernardi Said,

    Hi there, there is a photo identified as “Header 32″ on your website that I found while searching through google images. The photo directs me to your site, however I am unable to find it. I am very curious to know where the photo was taken as I am researching history on our home in Welland. I have attached the website which brings up the photo I am referring to in the optional website field.

    Thank you so very much for your time.

  25. On 4 November 2017, Kaitlin Bernardi Said,

    Also, this photo:


  26. On 7 March 2018, Koko Said,

    Wonderful website. Thanks!

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