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This booklist was compiled as a further resource when searching for Welland and area history. Most of these publications are available in the local Welland and area public libraries.
ABOLIS,Cindy Probing the link:a guide to the Welland Canal 1987
ANDERSON, Mellor Willy the tugboat climbs the Welland Canal 198*
ANGER,Donald The A to Z documentary history of old Humberstone Village 1830-1912 2003
ANGER, Donald The A-Z documentary history of the village of Port Colborne 1833-1902 2006
ANGER,Donald The golden age of Old Humberstone Village 1790-1912 and its early inns and taverns 2003
ANGER,Donald The locktenders house 1835:Hiram B. Ostrums stone house, 44 King St. Port Colborne 2010
ANGER, Donald Port Colborne:tales from the age of sail 2006
ANGER,Donald Scruples of conscience: the war of 1812 in the Sugarloaf settlement 2008
ANGER,Donald The Sherk-Troup log house:family portraits from the past 2011
AITKEN,Hugh G.J. The family compact and the Welland Canal Company 1952
AITKEN,Hugh G.J. The Welland Canal Company 1954
AITKEN,Hugh G.J. The Welland Canal Company 1997
ARMSTRONG,C.A. The first forty years:a historical sketch of First Baptist Church, Welland, Ontario 1967
ARTHUR,Karen The true story of Wainfleet with lies by William Thomas 2007
ATKINSON, Marshall Brodie Bridges over the Welland Ship Canal 1926-1931
ATKINSON, Marshall Brodie Discussion of paper on bridges over the Welland Ship Canal 1928
*author/pub unknown* Atlas Steels Limited makers of fine steels 1938
ATLAS STEELS LTD Handbook of Atlas stainless steel 1953
ATLAS STEELS LTD Hot forging of Atlas stainless steels 1953
ATLAS STEELS LTD Cleaning and finishing of Atlas stainless steels 1953
ATLAS STEELS LTD A quick look at Atlas 1970
ATLAS STEELS LTD Steel making at Atlas Steels Limited, Welland, Canada 1948, 1956
BASSETT,John M. The canal builders 1964
BASSETT, John M. William Hamilton Merritt 1974
BEAMISH,Royd E Down to the lakes in ships 1936
BEEMER, Rod Inside John Deere 1999
BLEASDALE, Ruth Elisabeth Class conflict on the canals of Upper Canada in the 1840s 1978
BLEASDALE, Ruth Elisabeth Irish labourers on the Cornwall, Welland and Williamsburg Canals in the 1840s 1975
BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF CANADA Niagara Falls, St Catharines, Welland and surrounding territory 1947
BERG,Gladys Stouth family tree 1989
BIRD, Marion The Foster Glass works 1974
BLOOMFIELD,G.T. Welland County industries, 1871 1991
BOSNICH, Mike One mans war 1989
BRADSHAW,Roger Historic Welland Canals 2011
BRAINARD, Doris F. The William Steel family history 2000
BRITNELL, W.E. County marriage registers of Ontario, Canada, 1858-1869 1979
BROCHU, Paul-Yvan Impact of the French community on the city of Welland 1989
BROWN, Gordon The life story of Welland Rotary Club 1955
BURNS, R. Boak Collection, re:amalgamation in Welland County 1949-1960
BUNZ, Josephine Narratives based on interviews with Marshville Wainfleet residents 1988
BURWELL, Frank M. A short history of the union grammar and common schools of the village of Welland in the county of Welland, A.D. 1866 to A.D.1876
CAMPBELL, Nancy The Edward Lee home 1983
CAMU, Pierre The impact of the Welland Canal on the Great Lakes trade patterns 1970
CANADA.Dept of Railways and Canals The opening of the Welland Ship Canal 1932, 1935
CANADIAN CANAL SOCIETY The Welland Canals in the city of Welland 1997
CANADIAN JEWISH CONGRESS The Jewish community of Welland 1951
CANBY, Mrs French Wainfleet Township 1962
CARNOCHAN, Janet History of Niagara 1973
CARNOCHAN, Janet A wifes devotion 1916
CARTER, DeWitt Port Colborne harbor 1907
CARTER, DeWitt Relative sizes and capacities of our canals reflecyted in trend of traffic. 1926
CARTER, DeWitt The Welland canal 1960
*author/pub unknown* Centennial yearbook:History of Crowland Township 1867-1967
CENTRAL UNITED CHURCH 100th anniversary, 1862-1962 1962
CENTRAL UNITED CHURCH Welland 1925-1975 1975
*author/pub unknown* Century of change: a history of the first Presbyterian church Port Colborne, Ontario 1969
CERENZIA, Ivana Early education and Port Colborne
CHERNIAK, Eugene A. St Marys church of Welland, Ontario 1944
CHRIST CHURCH MARSHVILLE Wainfleet 1863-1988 1988
CHURCH OF GOD, Fonthill, Ontario 1908-1958 1958
CITY OF WELLAND Celebrating 150 years 2008
CITY OF WELLAND Historical and architectural reflections of the founding peoples of Welland 1992
CLARKE, Thomas Harold The journey to work in Welland 1971
COLBUM, Zerah Proposed Canadian ship canal 1926
COMBE, Donald L. John Garner of Niagara 1997
COMFORT, Margaret Intertwined through time: Fenwick and North Pelham 1995
CONLON. Thomas The St Lawrence route, its past and future 1972
CONWAY, Ruby Tales of Tennessee 1994
COOMBS, Albert Ernest History of the Niagara Peninsula 1950
COOMBS, Albert Ernest History of the Niagara Peninsula and the new Welland Canal 1930
COWAN, Percy John The Welland ship Canal between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie 1913-1932 1935
COWAN, PERCY JOHN The Welland ship Canal between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie , 1913-1932 1989
CRAIG, Charles P. The Great Lakes-St Lawrence Canal 1931
CREIGHTON, Ogden A general view of the Welland Canal 1830
CROW, Sid History of St Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1876-1994 1994
CRUIKSHANK, Ernest Alexander A century of municipal history, county of Welland, Part 1 1792-1892
CRUIKSHANK, Ernest Alexander A century of municipal history 1892
CRUIKSHANK, Ernest Alexander The inception of the Welland canal 1925
CRUIKSHANK, Ernest Alexander The story of Butlers Rangers and the settlement of Niagara 1975
DALTON, William Burial records and notations of William Dalton, 1845-1916 1991
DAVIES, C.W. Centennial’79: the story of a school 1979
*author/pub unknown* Dedication book to commemorate the opening of the new Anshe Yosher Synagogue and Centre, Summit Avenue 1955
DEERE PLOW COMPANY LTD The story of the John Deere Welland Works 1948
D’ENTREMONT, Denise Black heritage in Bertie Township, Welland County 1993
DEVOLPI, Charles Patrick The Niagara Peninsula 1966
DUFF, Gerrond Somerville Pageant for fair 1953
DUFF, Louis Blake Source books for the study of the history of Welland county
DUFF, Louis Blake Welland Ship Canal inauguration 1930
ECTOR Louis l. A century of pharmacy in Welland:a short history, years 1867-1967 1967
ELLIOTT, Bruce S. Index to the 1871 census of Ontario 1987
ELMES, Robert W. Buffalo and the Welland Ship Canal 1929
ESPOSITO,Paula The Italian community in Welland 1976
*author/pub unknown* Families connected to Welland Co. Ontario: Sheppard,McRae, Munro,Woodruff,Trufant,Campbell 2009
FARR, Mrs Farr family scrapbook
FAST, Roger Welland and its immigrant community 1900-1920 2005
FAUROLE, Fay Leone The new Welland Canal 1930
FEDERATED WOMEN’S INSTITUTES OF ONTARIO A history of the Ridgeville community 1947
*author/pub unknown* First steam shovel used on the Welland Canal 1939
FLAGG, Dora The history of Forks Road East United Church 1862-1970 1970
FOLEY,Robert J Niagara story 1995
FONTHILL WOMEN’S INSTITUTE History of the village of Fonthill 1944
FORTNER, Theo Street names of Welland 1958
FOX, H. Denistoun Street cemetery 1984
FRAZER, Dr. John Journal of a voyage from Glasgow  to New York in 1837
FREEMASONS Merritt Lodge no 168, Welland 100th anniversary booklet 1964
FRETZ, J.C. The early history of the Mennonites in Welland County, Ontario 1953
FRIESEN, Carl Alfred The giant staircase:building the Welland Canal 2000
FULEKI, Alexander B Anniversary book:50th anniversary of the Welland Hungarian Presbyterian Church 1977
GARRATT, Ronald V Weatherlore 1959
GENT, Mrs Harold Wainfleet school area #1 records 1991
GERVAIS,Aurel Club Richelieu Welland, 1957-1992
GETTY, Cassandra Yousuf Karsh:industrial images 2007
GIBB, Jerry A festival of Canadian art 1991
GIBBS, Jim The Dean Sawmill 1986
GILLHAM,Skip The Welland Canal 1986, 1999
GILLHAM,Skip The Welland Canal mission 1981, 2009
GLASS,Peter Brian Freemasonry anfd the four Welland Canals 1995
*author/pub unknown* Golden jubilee celebration, St Mary’s Church, Welland 1960
GOODWILLIE, Diane Life on Quaker Road 2005
GOURLEY,Robert An intimate view of Welland County a century ago 1924
GRANT, Alex J The St Lawrence route and Welland Ship Canal
GRANT,A.J The Welland Canals 1929
GRANT, Alex J The Welland Ship Canal 1926
*author/pub unknown* The Great swivel link:Canada’s Welland Canal 2001
GREENWALD,Michelle Ships climbing the mountain 1975
GREENWALD, Michelle The Welland Canals 1977
*author/pub unknown* Greygables School, Welland Ontario 1934
GROTHAUS, W. St Lawrence Seaway,27ft. canals and channels 1958
GROL, Lini R. Pelham as it was and is 1980
GUARDIAN EXPRESS Vignettes from the history of Welland, Port Colborne and Pelham 1984
HANSEL,Mary and Hans Hansel family history 1991
HANSLER,Asa Orton The history of the Pelham-Boyle, Bertie, Wainfleet(Tunker) Brethren in Christ Churches 1991
HANSLER,Asa Orton A history of the Town of Pelham, 1786-1993 1993
HANSLER, Cecil C. The Strawn’s and Holcomb’s and their descendents of Welland County 1971
HARGREAVES, Thomas Year book: St Paul’s Church, Port Robinson, Ontario and Holy Trinity Church, Fonthill, Ontario 1929
HAYES, Geoffrey The Lincs 1986
HEALD, Carolyn A. The Irish Palatines in Ontario 2009
HEIL,Marion J Celebrating together 1784-1984, Wainfleet 1984
HELLEMS, F.J. The genealogy of Mathias Hellems & his descendents 1982
HELLEMS, E. R. Return of convictions 1900
HERN,Archie E The history of Dewdrop school 1958
HIRST, Richard Census research guide for the old counties of Lincoln and Welland 1993
HIRST, Richard Friends Hicksite Quaker, Pelham township, Welland county 1981
*author/pub unknown* Historical and architectural reflections of the founding peoples of Welland 1992
*author/pub unknown* Historic buildings & photographs: a study of the historic buildings of the city of Port Colborne 1979
*author/pub unknown* History of the Welland Public Library 1975
HOLY CROSS FATHERS PROVINCIAL OFFICE The tradition: The Holy Cross Fathers at Notre Dame College School 1985
HOPKINS, Alice A. B. The story of Sunset Haven 1985
HOUGHTON, Frederick The Indian occupancy of the Niagara frontier 1909
HUBER, George Club Rheingold, 1952-1977 1977
*author/pub unknown* Hungarian Self Culture Society of Welland 1961
HUTCHINSON, Paul Goaded to madness:the battle of Slabtown 1999
IRWIN,W.A The Welland, one of the triumphs of modern engineering 1930
JACKSON, John N The Erie and the Welland Canals 1982
JACKSON,John N. The four Welland Canals 1988, 1992
JACKSON, G.G. Highways and byways 1932
JACKSON, John N. Names along the Welland Canals 1968, 1987
JACKSON, John N. Railways in the Niagara Peninsula 1978
JACKSON, John N. Recommendations for a proposed Welland Canals Parkway and heritage system of development 1993
JACKSON, John N. The recreational potential of the Welland Canal system in the Niagara Peninsula of Southern Ontario 1975
JACKSON, John N. The Welland 1971
JACKSON, John N. Welland and the Welland Canal 1975
JACKSON, John N. The Welland Canal systems 1979
JACKSON,John N. The Welland Canals 1982
JACKSON, John N Welland Canals and their communities 1997
JAMES, W.E. The Welland ship Canal 1932
JENTER, Marjorie L. One branch of the vine: a history of Holy Trinity Church, Fonthill 1987
*author/pub unknown* John Deere Welland Works, 1911-2009 2009
Johnson, E. Pauline Canal engineering yesterday and today 1926
JOHNSON, John Daily journal for 1876
JOHNES, A.B. The new Welland Ship Canal 1931
JONES, P. Clare First and second generation Italians in Welland
*author/pub unknown* A jouney in faith:the history of Kirk-on-the-hill Presbyterian 1999
JUDSON,Clare Ingram St Lawrence Seaway 1964
KALBFLEISCH, Herbert Karl The history of the pioneer German language press of Ontario, Canada 1835-1918 1968
KEEFER, M.W. George Keefer 1931
KEEFER, Thomas C. The old Welland Canal and the man who made it 1911, 1920
KEEFER, Samuel Our Canals 1980
KEEFER, Thomas C. The Welland Canal 1869
KENNEDY, Thomas Crown grants, 1784-1869, Lincoln & Welland counties compillation 2006
KINGSLEY, A.E. Seaway tolls 1958
KIPP, Charles D. Because we are Canadians 2003
KIRBY, William Annals of Niagara 1972
KNIGHTON, George H. The story of our church:Central United Church, Port Colborne 1953
KRAR, Joe The King Street boys 2004
Krar, Joseph J. Bilingual education in Welland 1965
LAMONTAGNE, Nelson Four decades of struggle
LEE, Robert E. The wonderful Welland Canal 1972
LEGGET, Robert F The Seaway 1979
LEGGET, Robert F. The Welland Canal 1976
LEITCH, John D Meeting the Welland/Seaway shipping challenges 1993
LESLIE, W. Bruce Welland Ship Canal of the St Lawrence Seaway Authority
LEWIS, William H. Aqueduct, Merrittsville and Welland 1997-2003
LEWIS, William H. Index to the census of the Village of Welland, 1861 1998
Lincoln county Board of Education The Welland Canal in Lincoln’s history 1976
LINCOLN COUNTY HISTORICAL COUNCIL An area of historical interest in the counties of Lincoln and Welland  Ontario 1962
LIVERMORE J. Daniel The Welland Canal Company 1969
LOVE, R.M. Welland Ship Canal lighting 1932
MCARTHUR, Fiona Grabell’s cemetery 1984
MCARTHUR, Fiona Riverside Cemetery 1984
MCARTHUR, Fiona Wills’ cemetery 1984
MCARTHUR, Fiona Wainfleet Township cemeteries 1982
MCARTHUR, Fiona Willson cemetery 1984
MCARTHUR, Fiona Sensabaugh cemetery 1984
MCARTHUR, Fiona Zion cemetery 1984
MCCAW, John Establishment of schools in Welland 1910
MACDONALD, G. Smith The memoirs of Capt. G. Smith ‘Pat’Macdonald 2006
MCDOUGALL, John Lorne The Welland Canal to 1841
MCKAY SENIOR PUBLIC SCHOOL Port Colborne, canal town
MACKENZIE, William Lyon The Welland Canal 1835
MARCHILDON, Daniel Welland 1992
MARLATT, Verna E. The Gainsborough story
MARTINE, Gloria A The role of the Welland Canal in industrial location 1961
MATHESON,Madeline L. The Welland Canal 1909
MATHEWS PUBLIC SCHOOL 50th anniversary, 1929-1979:50 years of learning 1979
MATTHEWS, Ruth Memories: Extended Care Unit, ten years 1984
MEANEY, Carl The Welland Canal and Canadian development 1980
MELICK,Harold V. Welland county history 1972
MENZIES, Sharon L. Emmanuel United Church of Canada 1884-1984 Wellandport, Ontario
MERRITT, William Hamilton An account of the Welland Canal, Upper Canada 1828
MEYERS, Carol M Canada West Census: 1851: Welland county 1969
MICHENER,David M. The  canals at Welland 1973
MICHENER, David M. Wainfleet story of a Township 1967
MILLER, Derek Richard Heritage Port Colborne: Handbook 2003
MILLER, Derek R. The historic Welland Canals at Port Colborne 2003
MILLER, Derek R. Report on the second Welland Canal river lock at Port Robinson: circa 1850 2005
MILLS, James Cooke The Welland Canal 1910
MONK, Kimberly E. A great lakes vessel type 2003
MONTGOMERY, Paul Staging a modern miracle 1929
MOORE, Otto O. Birth and death notices:1935-1995 1995
MOORE, Otto O. Descendents of Cornelius Moore & Elizabeth Grandon 1985
MORISON, Samuel Eliot The ropemakers of Plymouth 1950
MORRISON, Thomas One hundred years, 1857-1957, Holy Trinity Church, Welland 1957
MURPHY, Rowley Memories of the third Welland Canal 1963
NOONAN, Joseph M. The development of separate schools in the county of Welland, Ontario 1970
NOTRE DAME COLLEGE SCHOOL Thevintage years, 1948-1983 1983
NOTRE DAME COLLEGE SCHOOL 50th anniversary & reunion, 1948-1998 1998
Oakwood Cemetery{Port Colborne, Ontario}
O’DELL,Robert Charles Welland Ship Canal 1969
OILLE,S.E. A short history of the Niagara Peninsula 1947
*author/pub unknown* 140 years of people, places, and events that changed our lives 1863-1890
One hundred years of history of St James Church in Port Colborne, Ont, 1863-1963
ONTARIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY Niagara branch Allanburg cemetery (1983),
Attercliffe, Wellandport & area Methodist/United church records (1998),
Benner family burying place (1984),
Black heritage in Bertie Township, Welland county (1993),
Bossert Road cemetery (1982),
Census guide to Lincoln and Welland counties (1991),
Census research guide for the old counties of Lincoln and Welland (1993),
Curtis road cemetery (1982),
Dell cemetery Willoughby township (1981),
The Diaries of Melvin Misener (1996),
1822 assessment rolls,Stamford township (1992),
1828 census:Lincoln county (1985),
1828 census, Welland county (1985),
Census:1836-1849, Pelham Township assessment roll (1985),
1842 census, Wainfleet Township (1992),
1842 census Willoughby Township (1992),
1849 Wainfleet Township assessment roll (1985),
1851 census, Bertie Township (1992),
1851 census, Chippawa Village (1992),
1851 census, Pelham Township (1989),
1851 census Thorold Township (1985),
1851 census Willoughby Township (1992),
1861 census, Bertie Township (1985),
1861 census, Clifton Town (1987),
1861 census, Crowland Township (1987),
1861 census, Fort Erie (1985),
1861 census,Humberstone Township (1985),
1861 census: Pelham Township (1992),
1861 census, Stamford Township (1985),
1861 census, Thorold Township (1985),
1861 census, Thorold Village (1986),
1861 census, Wainfleet Township (1987),
1861 census, Welland Village and jail (1987),
1881 census, Crowland Township (2000),
1881 census, Humberstone Township (2003),
1881 census, village of Port Colborne (2003),
Fonthill Municipal Cemetery (2001),
4 small cemeteries,Port Colborne (1993),
A Genealogical reference for the monument inscriptions, Carl Misener burying Ground (1990),
A genealogical reference for the monument inscriptions, Pelham Hicksite Quaker cemetery (1981),
A Genealogical reference for the monument inscriptions, Welland Jewish Congregation (1990),
Gonder cemetery (1982),
Hansler cemetery,Pelham township (1981),
Haun cemetery, Bertie township (1984),
Hershey family cemetery (1984),
Hutt Brown burial place (2000),
The Japanese Martyrs Cemetery (1985),
Lapp cemetery (1982),
Lincoln Militia return, 1818 (1971),
Lutes farm plot, Willoughby township (1984),
McAffee cemetery, Bertie township (1984),
Willoughby township (1982), Miller cemetery
Morningstar cemetery, Willoughby township (1984),
Naturalization records, 1842-1849 for the counties of Lincoln and Welland (1993),
Old Thompson family burying ground: in city of Niagara Falls (1982),
Overholt  family burial ground, Thorold township (1986),
Port Robinson Presbyterian (1984),
Price cemetery, Colbeck drive, Welland (1983),
St John’s west cemetery, Thorold township (1983),
Shisler cemetery, Humberstone township (1986),
Smith Street, Anglican cemetery (1985),
Swayze family cemetery, Pelham township (1986),
United Brethren church cemetery, Fort Erie (1993),
Willick burial ground (1982),
Windmill Point Church of Christ cemetery (1982),
Woodlawn cemetery (2007)
ONTARIO WOMEN’S INSTITUTE, Winger Branch minute books 1911-1973
OTT, Ernest F. A history of Humberstone Township incorporated 1850 1967
*author/pub unknown* Our Lady of Hungary Church, Welland 1978
*author/pub unknown* Our Lady of Hungary Church: 75th anniversary 1928-2003 2003
PAGE, H.R Illustrated historical atlas of the counties of Lincoln & Welland, Ont 1971
PAINT,H.M Financing the Welland Canal 1961
PAOLA, Robert A chronological history of the Welland Climate Station, 1872-1992 1992
PARENT, Romeo D The development of bilingual schools in the cityof Welland, Ontario 1969
PARIS, Candace The Ashenden files 2008
PATERSON.R.A A history of the 10th Canadian Infantry Brigade 1945
PAUL, George F The Welland Canal 1923
PAUL, Laurie Lee A History of the Welland Feeder Canal 1983
PEDLEY, Rebecca Ellen History of our church, Faith Tabernacle Pentecostal Assembly 1993
PETRIE, Francis J. Canal development in the Niagara Peninsula 1967
PETRIE, Francis J. The Welland By-Pass 1973
*author/pub unknown* Plymouth Cordage Company 1924
Plymouth Senior Public School A brief history of Welland 1967
*author/pub unknown* Port Colborne High School 1998
PRITCHARD,Jean The Welland Canal 1970
Promote Welland Task Force A festival of Canadian art 1991
PURDON, Arnold L A history of the pioneer doctors of the area served by the Welland County General Hospital 1973
RANNIE, William F Lincoln. The story of an Ontario town 1974
RAYMOND, Mary Jane A history of Wainfleet Township 1991
REABURN,Ronald The Welland Canal story 1977
REID, Nora A The Chaffey houses 1997
REID, Nora A. The Haun-Kenny House 1998
REID, Nora A The Lobosco-Foote House 2000
REID, Nora A Mizpah Mission/ Italian Pentecostal Church 2002
REID, Nora A Plymouth Cordage Heritage District 2001
REID, Nora A The Thomson-Mateka house 1999
REID, Nora A The Vaughan seed company 2001
RICE, Alan B History of Welland 1887
RIVARD, Velma Lee plot, Willoughby township 1984
ROACH, S The Guard lock remains of the second and third canals 1987
ROBERTSON, Louise Touring the canal 1979
ROGERS, R.L. History of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment 1954
ROSE city seniors activity centre The melting pot 2008
ROSENTHAL, Max Early post offices of the Welland Canal region 1966
ROSSI, Erno White death—blizzard of ’77 1978
RUNDLE,Lewis P Lighting the Welland Ship Canal 1933
RUNGELING, Dorothy W The flying housewife 2003
RUNGELING, Dorothy W It’s fun to grow old 2002
RUNGELING, Dorothy W The road to home 2001
RUNNALLS, j. Lawrence The Irish on the Welland Canal 1973
RUSSELL, L.S The mastodon 1965
SAINSBURY,George V Re-routing the historic Welland Canal 1974
*author/pub unknown* Golden jubilee of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Welland 1939
*author/pub unknown* St David’s Anglican church, Welland 1949-1999
*author/pub unknown* St Elizabeth’s church parish directory, Wainfleet 1991
ROBERTSON, Louise Dig into history 1992
*author/pub unknown* Saint Kevin’s Parish, 1951-1976 1976
*author/pub unknown* St Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church,Welland 1931
*author/pub unknown* Sts Peter and Paul Church 1988
*author/pub unknown* St Teresa’s parish community,1937-1987 1987
*author/pub unknown* Salem congregation 1948-1968
SALTZMAN,Cynthia Port Colborne: city in crisis 1973
SAWICKI, Elizabeth the INCO management houses 1985
SAWLE, George The autobiography of G.R.T. Sawle 1877
SAWLE, George Early days in Welland 1959
SAYLES,Fern A Welland workers make history 1969
SCAPILLATO, Joan Port people 2010
SEARS, Frank H. Souvenir of the town of Welland 1902
SHERK, J.H. Sherk record book
SHISLER, J.W. History of the Shisler family 1913
SIDER,E. Morris The Brethren in Christ  in Canada 1988
SIDER, George A Reflections of a century 1881-1981 1984
SIDER, Harold Two hundred years with the Siders 1986
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STORTZ, Joan Colgan Windows of Welland 1979
STRAY,Albert The Lincoln Militia 1985
STYRAN, Roberta M The “Great swivel link” 2001
STYRAN, Roberta M. Mr Merritt’s ditch 1992
STYRAN, Roberta M. This great national object 2012
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STYRAN, Roberta M The Welland canals corridor 2004
SYKES, Al Pulp & Paper fleet 1988
TALMAN, James J. A Canadian enterprise 1984
TANGUAY, Suzanne I The history and development of Welland High and Vocational school, 1854-1974 1975
TAYLOR, Robert Stanley The historical development of the four Welland canals, 1824-1933
THE TRIBUNE Welland at 150 2008
TRIBUNE-TELEGRAPH The Battle of Cook’s Mills 1923
TURCHAN, Wm J A profile of the Slovaks in Port Colborne 1997
UNION CARBIDE CANADA LTD Chronological history of the Welland plant 1982
UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register: Welland county, 1840-1890 2002
VAN DILLEN, Lynn Time line: Port Colborne history highlights 1994
VENABLES, Jim The early days of Thorold road and St David’s church 2008
VENABLES, James The first fifty years of E.S. Fox 2003
WADE-CHARLEBOIS, Marsha E. Following the rails 1999
WAINFLEET HISTORICAL SOCIETY Chronicles of Wainfleet Township 1992
The Berg family (1991),
The David Putman family,
Farr cemetery (1984),
The George Bradshaw family tree (1991),
The Goodwillies (1991),
Grabell’s cemetery (1984),
The Graybell family (1991),
The Garringer family tree (1990),
History of the churches,
The Jacob Minor family,
The Jacob Ott family,
The John Wesley Overholt family,
The Jacob Schwoob family,
The Jacob Shafley family,
The Jacob Winger family (1991),
The James Gilmore family (1991),
The John Augustine family,
The John Sider family (1991),
The Joseph Marr family,
The Lawrence Furry family,
Morgan’s Point United church cemetery,
The Morgan family,
O’Reilly’s cemetery,
Park family cemetery,
The Richard Farr family,
Riverside cemetery: Welland river Wellandport (1982),
The Thompson family,
The William Ellsworth family,
The Willson family,
Yesteryears in Canada and the Niagara Peninsula (1988),
The Zavitz family
WALKER, J. Bernard The Welland Ship Canal 1926
WELLAND CANALS SOCIETY A survey of historic structures 1990
WELLAND CITY Welland centennial, 1858-1958 1958
WELLAND CITY Welland Ontario 1858-1983 1983
WELLAND CITY Voters list for the town of Welland
WELLAND COUNTY GENERAL HOSPITAL A celebration of people 1983
WELAND COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY Natural gas in Ontario especially Welland county 1926
*author/pub unknown* Welland county surrogate court records 1999
WELLAND FIRE COMPANY Home town minstrels 1924
WELLAND HERITAGE COUNCIL A brief history of the French population in Welland 1978
WELLAND HERITAGE COUNCIL A brief history of the Ukrainians,Greeks, Japanese, Anglo Saxons and Poles in Welland 1978
WELLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY Memories of Sunset Haven 2008
WELLAND HYDRO ELECTRIC COMMISSION Welland hydro golden jubilee 1963
WELLAND JAYCETTES Centennial cook book
WELLAND LION CLUB 75th anniversary, 1923-1998 1998
WELLAND LOCAL ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE Historical and architectural reflections of the founding peoples of Welland 1992
*author/pub unknown* The Welland ship canal 1932
WELLAND TELEGRAPHY The hub of the Peninsula 1907
WELLAND TRIBUNE The Harry Diffin story 1987
WELLAND VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY celebrating 100 years of service 2001
WIELER,Rudy Ronald The influence of the Welland  Canal upon its regional economy 1967
WINGER, Alvin Leroy The Canadian Wingers’ Ancestors & Descendents from 1700-1972
WINGER, Elaine Welland Brethren in Christ Church 1993
WRIGHT, Robert National survey of the United Church in Canadian life 1965
YZERMAN, Ann Wainfleet Township Public Library History


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  1. On 23 January 2016, Veikko Kuronen Said,

    I grew up in Port Robinson, came to Canada in 1952, lived on the Mansikka Farm upstairs on Moyer Road, attended Darby Public School, went to Gordon School 1955-60, WHVS 1960-65 (played basketball, football, track), lived on 26 Rose Avenue, Stop 19 on the trolley line, Dad worked for ES Fox for many years, interested any info about all the above, great memories all around, swam in the Welland Canal, watched the large ships go by. Sort of retired, graduated UW in 1970 Electrical Engineering, designed Engineering Crest in 1967-8. Check my website http://moz.execulink.net/~buddybutler.com/buddypage1.html. Great library of books, are any of these available anywhere, The first 50 years of ES Fox, History of WHVS, early Days of Thorold Road etc, thanks so much, Veikko Kuronen, Kitchener Ontario

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