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May 25, 2017 : Added a NEW menu item: XTRA! Xtra! (see the sidebar menu to the right) that points to additional material to the site.

May 21, 2017 : Added 4,310 tombstones in the Cemeteries gallery for the Fonthill Cemetery.  Also, added photos of the Welland Club Fire, and some pictures of the Welland Museum/ Park.

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Hello Visitors!

WHY are we doing this project? ..To Preserve History.

Much information is being lost, newspapers destroyed, historic buildings being torn down, bridges disappearing. The children of today need to know the history of the towns where they live. We the people are the ones who can carefully preserve this precious history for them. It is our responsibility as the older generation to leave stories, pictures and artifacts for them so that when they become older and wonder what went before, it will be available.  That is what this website is about. Preserving the history of Welland for future generations.

An article from the The Welland Tribune and Telegraph, 11 July 1922, describes what we are trying to present with this website.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: We thank the The Welland Tribune and Telegraph for their contribution.

[IMAGE AT UPPER RIGHT]:This Colossal Project: Building the Welland Ship Canal, 1913-1932

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What’s HOT Off The Press..

  • FIFTY YEARS AGO - [Welland Tribune, 22 October 1897] This is the way it was bound to look When grandfather had his ”pleter took.” These were the shadows cast before The coming of Conjurer Daguerre And his art; like a girl in a pinafore Som... read more
  • SUICIDE OF A HORSE AT THE FALLS - [Welland Tribune, 30 July 1897] NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y., July 25- Hundreds of people visiting her today witnessed what seemed to have been the deliberate suicide of a fine looking chestnut colored horse, which swam out into the r... read more
  • GRIMSBY PARK NOTES - [Welland Tribune, 30 July 1897] After this week the Toronto boat will make daily trips. A large influx of visitors is expected during the first week of August. This would be a happy land for Clayt. Page. The electric light is... read more
  • SUMMERING AT GRIMSBY PARK - [Welland Tribune, 23 July 1897] GRIMSBY PARK, July 20-The season at this pretty summer home is at its height, and the month of August promises to be one of the most successful in its history. Those who come for a day have no ... read more
  • THE STEAMER LAKESIDE - Attempt To Burn the Vessel At Her Dock In St. Catharines-An Infernal Machine. [Welland Tribune, 25 July 1897] St. Catharines, June 20-An almost successful attempt was made about 11 o’clock on Saturday night to burn the stea... read more
  • FORT ERIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES - BRILLIANT SUCCESS UNABATED [Welland Tribune, 25 June 1897] The Fort Erie Jockey Club races are increasing in popularity daily, and it looks as if the meeting would go on record as one of the most brilliant in the annals of Ca... read more
  • THE WABASH COMING EAST - RUNNING POWERS SECURED FROM DETROIT TO BUFFALO Lease of the Grand Trunk and Erie Railway Tracks-First Trains Run on June 13 [Welland Tribune, 4 June 1897] St. Louis, May 31- An announcement was made here this afternoon of one... read more
  • WILLIAM SCOFIELD - [Welland Tribune, 14 May 1897] Windsor, May 10th-William Scofield of Belle River was struck by a Grand Trunk train at the Puce, 13 miles from Windsor, yesterday and killed. His body was discovered by Conductor Freeman in the ... read more
  • WILLIAM H. SHISLER - [Welland Tribune, 6 August 1897] Wm. H. Shisler, M.D., son of Jacob Shisler, is visiting in Welland county. He was once a student under geo. A. Clark at Fort Erie; passing the entrance he attended the Welland high school unde... read more
  • ELIZABETH DUNIGAN - [Welland Tribune, 2 May 1884] MRS. JOHN DUNIGAN- We are called this week to record the death of Mrs. John Dunigan, which occurred on Monday night last. Mrs. Dunigan was a native of Oneida, County, N.Y., was married to Mr. Dun... read more
  • FORT ERIE JOCKY CLUB RACES - [Welland Tribune, 16 July 1897] MR. EDITOR- Some citizens of the county seem inclined to condemn the extension of the Fort Erie races beyond the first fixed date, July 5th, and, as there are two sides to every question, I ask... read more
  • Drowned In The Lake - [Welland Tribune, 2 July 1897] Miss Myra Hopkirk, the nineteen –year-old daughter of Thomas F. Hopkirk, of Parkdale, was drowned in the lake 400 yards west of the Exhibition Park, through the upsetting of a canoe on Monday.read more
  • TERRIFIC EXPLOSION - REEB’S POWDER HOUSE EXPLODES DESTRUCTION OF GLASS FACTORY, LIME KILNS, ETC. Port Colborne News [Welland Tribune, 20 August 1897] PORT COLBORNE, Aug.19- Reeb’s powder house, about two miles west of here, was exploded durin... read more
  • GEORGE McKONACHIE - Thorold News [Welland Tribune, 20 August 1897] Another old landmark has passed away in the person of Geo. McKonachie, who conducted a blacksmith shop on the town line between Thorold and Merritton for so many years. The decea... read more
  • MARY CATHERINE SPENCER - [Welland Tribune, 6 August 1897] The body of the wife of the Rev. A.R. Spencer of Rushford, N.Y., was brought to Fonthill on Monday for interment. The funeral took place on Tuesday and was largely attended. Mrs. Spencer, nee ... read more
  • BENJAMIN MARR - [Welland Tribune, 3 September 1897] Last week we noted the illness of the child of Mr. and Mrs. Benj. A. Marr of Pittsburg, Pa., who were visiting Mr. Marr’s old home here. We regret to have to state that the child has sinc... read more



The Sisters and myself at the Convent of Less Said are most excited about the new adventure of our very own Sister Mary JudgeNot, Theatre Critic and newly appointed Lovelorn Columnist. She has been selected from numerous applicants at the convent to rewrite the newspaper commentary of the late Dorothy Dix, a forerunner of the modern advice columnist, for this most distinguished Welland County history website. In her own unique style, Sister will attempt a few fashionable words after each article to illuminate the advice of Miss Dix.


Introducing The MURALS

[May 4, 2015] We just added some pictures of MuralsEnjoy!

Welland Murals

Written and photographed by S.

In the 1990s I took a stroll downtown Welland, with my camera. I photographed the lovely murals. Colourful scenes depicting historical moments.

The project was started in 1986, by the city of Welland, to beautify the city of Welland. They commissioned artists from across Canada to paint murals on the side of buildings.

The murals at one time were a great tourist attraction.

Welland’s murals hold many memories for the people of Welland.

Unfortunately, many of these murals are in disrepair and some have disappeared. There was no plan in place to maintain these murals resulting in their demise.


It has been a wonderful year working on the special old articles we so enjoy gifting to our historically minded friends. We sincerely hope that this work will be available to the children of the future that will share our interest in the stories of the past. As Santa proclaims in this 1931 photo, “These Are My Jewels!”

Christmas in Welland..

We’ve collected some wonderful Christmas postcards.  Click HERE.

Book list..

We’ve added a comprehensive list of books and other resources about Welland.  Select BOOKs from the top menu.