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October 10, 2017 : We added 8 more images to the Ads gallery.

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WHY are we doing this project? ..To Preserve History.

Much information is being lost, newspapers destroyed, historic buildings being torn down, bridges disappearing. The children of today need to know the history of the towns where they live. We the people are the ones who can carefully preserve this precious history for them. It is our responsibility as the older generation to leave stories, pictures and artifacts for them so that when they become older and wonder what went before, it will be available.  That is what this website is about. Preserving the history of Welland for future generations.

An article from the The Welland Tribune and Telegraph, 11 July 1922, describes what we are trying to present with this website.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: We thank the The Welland Tribune and Telegraph for their contribution.

[IMAGE AT UPPER RIGHT]:This Colossal Project: Building the Welland Ship Canal, 1913-1932

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  • INCREASED PAY TO CANAL EMPLOYEES - [People’s Press 9 December 1902] Mr. German’s efforts to obtain increased remuneration for employees of the Welland canal has been successful to a very appreciative and welcome extent at least. Hitherto the wages of labor... read more
  • FIRST CONTRACT FOR MAGNIFICENT NEW CATHOLIC CHURCH AWARDED - To be Built in Sections and May Take Three Years to Build-Ultimate Cost About $45,000 or $50,000-First Sod Turned Today [Welland Telegraph, 7 November 1913] The cost of the new Roman Catholic Church to be built at the corner ... read more
  • SKELETONS WERE FOUND - Workmen Excavate Coffins While Digging Trench Interred Years Ago In Long Forgotten Cemetery On Mill Street-Bones Will Be Reburied. [Welland Telegraph, 7 November 1913] Buried about three feet beneath the surface two coffins c... read more
  • WELLAND FIREMEN TO THE FRONT - Thorold News [Welland Tribune, 28 August 1885] Thorold celebrated her civic holiday on Wednesday with great eclat. The day proved fine, and an immense crowd of spectators gathered in town.read more
  • LACROSSE – WELLAND V. PORT COLBORNE - [Welland Tribune, 28 August 1885] The Port Colborne lacrosse club played the Wellanders here on Tuesday. The match was the most stubbornly contested ever witnessed on the grounds. After a long siege Welland scored and was all... read more
  • BROWN BROS’ ROLLER MILLS - IN PERFECT RUNNING ORDER [Welland Tribune, 28 August 1885] Brown Bros’ Flouring Mills have been refitted throughout and furnished with twelve sets of rolls of the well-known Ellison manufacture, Milwaukee; also four purifie... read more
  • VITAL STATISTICS - The Stork, the Pale Rider and Cupid-What They Have Done [Welland Tribune, 3 January 1908] Cupid is a bit slow in Welland. The little fellow, who laughs at locksmiths and deals in hearts, has not averaged a marriage a week in ... read more
  • DOUGHERTY FIRE - Fonthill News [Welland Tribune, 1 October 1897] The house and blacksmith shop of Wm. Dougherty were totally destroyed by fire on Saturday evening. The fire originated in the kitchen, from a lamp, and quickly spread through th... read more
  • HOWARD FRETZ MEMORY - 19 August 1904-10 May 1988 It is Easter Morning, wonderful day of hope and assurance for all people. As the sun is slowly rising in the east, our family is stirring, Father, Mother, my younger sister and baby brother. Someone... read more
  • ADELE LEVERNIER - Stamford News [Welland Tribune, 5 January 1909] Mrs. Jules LeVernier from France died at the old Whirlpool House last week, aged over 80 years.read more
  • McGREGOR-McCORMICK - [Welland Telegraph, 30 April 1912] A quiet but interesting wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.J. McCormick, East Main Street, on Monday afternoon, when Mr. McCormick’s mother, Mrs. U.V. McCormick of Port Huron... read more
  • GARRET E. McCOMBS - [Welland Telegraph, 30 April 1912] The death occurred at his residence on Garner Avenue on Friday of Garret E. McCombs, aged 25 years. Mr. McCombs was a sufferer for some time of tuberculosis which was the cause of his death.... read more
  • FRANK EADES - [Welland Telegraph, 30 April 1912] Frank Eades, an English boy who made his home with William Vanalstine for the past three years, died at the Welland County Hospital on Friday, where he had been confined for the past eleven ... read more
  • WILLIAM BAXTER - MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR MR. W. BAXTER VICTIM OF LUSITANIA DISASTER [People’s Press, 1 June 1915] On Sunday morning last a memorial service was held at the Baptist Church, Welland, for William Baxter and his little son, who was... read more
  • ELIZANA BUCHNER MARSHALL - [People’s Press, 1 June 1915] On Friday, May 28th, the remains of Elizana Buchner, relict of the late John Marshall of Crowland, were interred in Doan’s Ridge Cemetery. Service was held at the homestead and was conducted ... read more
  • DOUGLAS-TRAVER - [Welland Telegraph, 13 November 1908] A very pretty wedding will be solemnized Wednesday afternoon at four o’clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Traver, West Main Street where their daughter Miss Bessie was married to ... read more



The Sisters and myself at the Convent of Less Said are most excited about the new adventure of our very own Sister Mary JudgeNot, Theatre Critic and newly appointed Lovelorn Columnist. She has been selected from numerous applicants at the convent to rewrite the newspaper commentary of the late Dorothy Dix, a forerunner of the modern advice columnist, for this most distinguished Welland County history website. In her own unique style, Sister will attempt a few fashionable words after each article to illuminate the advice of Miss Dix.


Introducing The MURALS

[May 4, 2015] We just added some pictures of MuralsEnjoy!

Welland Murals

Written and photographed by S.

In the 1990s I took a stroll downtown Welland, with my camera. I photographed the lovely murals. Colourful scenes depicting historical moments.

The project was started in 1986, by the city of Welland, to beautify the city of Welland. They commissioned artists from across Canada to paint murals on the side of buildings.

The murals at one time were a great tourist attraction.

Welland’s murals hold many memories for the people of Welland.

Unfortunately, many of these murals are in disrepair and some have disappeared. There was no plan in place to maintain these murals resulting in their demise.


It has been a wonderful year working on the special old articles we so enjoy gifting to our historically minded friends. We sincerely hope that this work will be available to the children of the future that will share our interest in the stories of the past. As Santa proclaims in this 1931 photo, “These Are My Jewels!”

Christmas in Welland..

We’ve collected some wonderful Christmas postcards.  Click HERE.

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