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  1. Ziggy Gingras says:

    As a child, I was raised on the North side of 7th Street, in Crowland. Train tracks were in my backyard. I recall a building, what once was a Hotel/Boarding house, on the East side of Canal Bank Street, at the foot of the Train Bridge, adjacent to the little underpass, where the rail tracks pass overhead.
    In the 1950′s that building was no longer functioning as a Hotel/Boarding house. The building was then used as a private residence. An elderly lady was the resident, along with her 32 year old mentally challenged son named Tommy.
    I am looking for any historical information, photos, etc… of that building, which was demolished in the late 1960′s or 1970′s. That property now has 3 residential homes built in the 1970′s or 1980′s or so.
    Please let me know who I am communicating with.
    Thank you,
    Ziggy Gingras

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