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February 17, 2018 : We added a few more vintage recipes, and created a Christmas gallery for an Atlas Christmas Anthology of Canadian Stories.

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WHY are we doing this project? ..To Preserve History.

Much information is being lost, newspapers destroyed, historic buildings being torn down, bridges disappearing. The children of today need to know the history of the towns where they live. We the people are the ones who can carefully preserve this precious history for them. It is our responsibility as the older generation to leave stories, pictures and artifacts for them so that when they become older and wonder what went before, it will be available.  That is what this website is about. Preserving the history of Welland for future generations.

An article from the The Welland Tribune and Telegraph, 11 July 1922, describes what we are trying to present with this website.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: We thank the The Welland Tribune and Telegraph for their contribution.

[IMAGE AT UPPER RIGHT]: “NIAGARA PROUD – Extaordinary Lives And Sights, by Stephanie Nielsen”

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  • CANAL AND HARBOR - Port Colborne News [Welland Tribune, 2 April 1874] The canal and harbor are open at this point, but a large quantity of loose ice fills the lake outside the harbor, which was entirely clear before the wind blew the floating i... read more
  • ATTEMPT TO BURN THE GARDEN CITY - [Welland Tribune, 23 April 1897] About 12 o’clock on Thursday night last week, a dastardly attempt was made to burn the steamer Garden City, now lying at Port Dalhousie. Two men who were fishing in the harbor saw someone dr... read more
  • GOOD ROADS - [Welland Tribune, 2 April 1897] Editor Welland Tribune: Niagara Falls, Ont.., 24th March, 1897 DEAR SIR,- I would like to see the influence of the TRIBUNE enlisted in the cause of good roads and would suggest that I call the ... read more
  • LIFE OF JOSEPH BRANT - Paper Read at the Meeting of the Canadian Institute-Career of the Noted Indian [Welland Tribune, 9 April 1897] At the regular meeting of the Canadian Institute held on Saturday night in Toronto, a paper was read by E. Cruisha... read more
  • TROUBLE - [Welland Tribune, 9 April 1897] Thomas Hicks and Henry Boyd appeared before the board to complain of Principal Woodworth sending their boys home without sufficient cause, as they alleged. Mr. Boyd also complained that his boy... read more
  • FONTHILL NEWS - [Welland Tribune, 9 April 1897] Thos. Gracey has moved on Mrs. A.B. Kinsman’s farm, in house lately occupied by Samuel Gould, now living in Welland. Fred Fisher and family have moved in the house which Mr. Gracey vacated.read more
  • Fonthill News - [Welland Tribune, 26 March 1897] Joseph Gould has sold his farm to James Davis, the place where Alex. Goring now lives on. Mr. Gould is to take the house and lot where Mr. Davis now lives, known as the Reavely property, as pa... read more
  • TOWN OF WELLAND – VOTER’S LIST - [Welland Tribune, 28 August 1885] The Town of Welland voters’ list has just been printed, and an analysis of it will be interesting as giving details respecting the growth and development of the town. The increase is not la... read more
  • STUART FAMILY - George Drummond Stuart was born in Scotland in 1884. His wife Isabella Liston McIlvride was born in Scotland in 1895. The families immigrated to Welland. George and Isabella were married in Welland April 20, 1916. They had a ... read more
  • CLARA COVERDALE HENDERSON - Thorold News [Welland Tribune, 23 April 1897] The many friends of Mrs. Matt Henderson learned with regret of the death of her daughter, Clara, at Port Colborne, on Saturday, from that dread disease consumption. The deceased h... read more
  • MEMORIES OLD - TO JAMES HINDSON, WELLAND, ON HIS BIRTHDAY MARCH 28TH, 1897-BY WILLIAM HINDSON, PRINCIPAL, DUNNVILLE PUBLIC SCHOOL. [Welland Tribune, 2 April, 1897] Dear uncle, as your birthday comes in sight I feel a strong desire some line... read more
  • BROWN-WELSTEAD - [Welland Tribune, 9 April 1897] Wedding bells have been ringing in our midst. On Monday afternoon a quiet wedding took place at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A. Welstead, when their daughter, Rose, was married to Price Brown,... read more
  • JOHN J. REILLY - Niagara Falls Town [Welland Tribune, 9 April 1897] Mr. Reilly, the blacksmith, Simcoe st., died on Tuesday after a very short illness. Welland Tribune 2 April 1897 The funeral of J.J. Reilly, blacksmith, who died last week, a... read more
  • MARY MICHAEL - Port Colborne News [Welland Tribune, 9 April 1897] Mrs. Michael, wife of Edward Michael, died on Monday afternoon after a lingering illness of consumption. The funeral was held yesterday from the house at 9.30, and from thenc... read more
  • ALICE BECKETT - Wainfleet News [Welland Tribune, 9 April 1897] FATALLY BURNED- Alice Beckett, aged nearly 9 years, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Beckett, was fatally burned on Wednesday evening of last week, resulting in death the follo... read more
  • JASON O. THORPE - [Welland Tribune, 9 April 1897] Now Known as Unity Island JASON O. THORPE, the giant hermit of Squaw island in the Niagara river, just below International bridge, on the American side, was found dead in his shanty on Sunday m... read more

Young 1931 william birth

Young 1931 adam death

Winger 1931 rosanna death

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Velia 1931 ethel death

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